Bunch O Balloons Water Balloons ~ 100 Balloons FILLED Per Minute!

Bunch O Balloons fill 100 water balloons in one minute, summer party ideas, summer hacks, water games, FREE shipping Super Fast and EASY! These were part of a kickstarter program last year and sold out… you can now order them with FREE shipping. YES these are more than normal water balloons. But what is your time worth… you could send and hour or two (or maybe three) filling up 100 balloons. These one you can fill up 100 in 60 seconds!  Order yours before they are out of stock again.

  • Contains 100 Water Balloons and 3 Adapters
  • All Balloons are Pre-Tied
  • Balloons are Biodegradable
  • Coupling and Tubes are recyclable
  • Fill 100 balloons in less than a MINUTE!

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  1. We just bought some at Walmart its for $7.99 and they do work the kids had so much fun this past weekend

  2. You have to throw these so hard to pop. The balloons are made of super hard material. My 4 year old said Ow these feel like rocks momma.

  3. my local news station tried these out and they failed big time not all of them fill up so a lot gets wasted

  4. And there are comments that state you can purchase refills for them.

  5. I don’t think you can reuse these. Has anyone had luck doing that? My kids want these so bad, but I just can’t justify the expense/waste for a one-time use. It’s a super cool idea, though!

  6. It really is junk. They are not reusable,, either. One and done. Not to mention the carbon footprint of throwing away MORE plastic.

  7. Stop buying this junk people this is so much un needed trash for 5 min of fun!!!!

  8. Brian Fanney. Thought you might need this. Hope you have a conference or story that brings you to the Atlanta area sometime.

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