Buy those clearance Halloween goodies, they make a great, thrifty treat for food drives this winter

Holiday clearance goodies make a great donation for the food drive this Christmas

Right now is a great time to find some sweet deals on leftover Halloween goodies. Some of the deals you might find are more fall than Halloween, which is even better since fall isn’t even over yet! The sell by dates are so far out that these would be great to hold onto for next season, or better yet, donate them!

Holiday clearance goodies make a great donation for the food drive this Christmas, think ahead

When I donate food to the food drives, I know I usually go for something a little healthier, as it should be. But sometimes a sweet treat would be nice to have too. I am sure that having something extra would be a fun, little surprise. Let’s face it, we all have those days where sugar would make us feel better, even if it is just for a minute. ¬†Maybe this would be a way to make a stressful time a little brighter.

Cake mixes and things aren’t expensive on a regular price either, but this time of year can be a stretch for most of us, so this is a way to not spend a lot, but still get to donate and make someone else’s day a little brighter.

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