Clean rain gutters – Save money and protect your home and family

The fall can be so beautiful with all of the leaves changes colors and cool crisp air. Many people will travel for days to see the hills all orange, red and yellow shades. Fall colors are just so fun to see. But what isn’t fun is after they land on your house and make their way to your rain gutters. Once they fill up even just a portion of the gutter, they block the water from flowing correctly and can cause damage. The weight of the gutter full of water stagnant can start to pull at the thin small bolts connected to the thin boards that they are attached to. That strain can pull your gutters right off your roof! Not only that but as the leaves and water build up the water can back up and flow under your roof shingles back into your roof and down the inside of your walls and attic. That constant water can cause the wood to rot and lead to even more structure damage too. Not only that but caustic mold can begin to form on water soaked wood that can lead to health problems long before your notice the wood rot and structural damage.

To protect your home and your family from something originally so beautiful and simple as a leaf, all it takes is a fall cleaning of your gutters. Sure you could pay some one a hundred or so dollars to do it for you. You could save hundreds over just a year or two in maintenance by doing it yourself. Just hook this gutter cleaning wand to your hose, extend the handle to reach, grab an umbrella and go at your gutters till they are clean and water can flow freely. And if you cant then pay a neighbor kid like ten bucks to do it. That alone will save you money and make a friend with a neighbor kid who wants to earn a couple bucks.

And when you are done with the gutters you can use the same wand to wash your driveway, your siding, and even your car. Turn your garden hose into a high pressure cleaning wand that will save you time and money!

You can watch the video here

rain gutter attachment for hoseOrbit 58543 Telescoping Gutter Cleaning Wand with Ratcheting Head

  • Telescoping wand easily extends from 40″ to 70″ for increased range of use
  • Zinc sweeper nozzle rotates 180°
  • Four Position Ratcheting Head
  • Lightweight yet rugged aluminum construction
  • Improved shut-off valve for smooth flow control
  • Lightweight yet rugged metal construction
  • For outdoor use with cold water only, not for steam pressure washers

Then once you have your gutters cleaned out, protect them from leaves and sticks throughout the year with a Gutter Guard
keep leaves out of gutters gutter guardGUTTER GUARD 6 inches X 20 feet VINYL  [Case of 1]

Guard protects gutter, downspout and drain from leaves, stones and other debris. Easy to install. Stays in place all year.

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