Camping Recipes ~ Cinnamon Rolls On A Stick, Easy Campfire cooking


camping menu recipe ideas, cinnamon rolls on a stick, pretty amazing, camping hacks, dessert ideas for outdoor cooking

Camping Recipe ~ Cinnamon Rolls On A Stick

This camping tip is an “oldie but a goodie”. We have made these since I was little but they always turn out great and are a awesome treat while  camping in the wilderness. All you need is a clean stick, and a can  of cinnamon rolls. I normally have the kids go on a nature hike and look for good cooking stick on the path. We then use a knife to cut the bark off and make a clean surface to cook the  dough on. If you do not have a stick you can just use a roasting stick. Open up your can of cinnamon rolls and start to unwrap it on your stick. Make sure it is  wrapped on there good so it does not fall off while cooking. I like to use the canned biscuits or rolls for this, because you can use toss then in your cooler for easy transport until you are ready to use them.

To cook, place over an open fire, twist or slowly spin your stick to help it cook evenly.  It is best to cook over coals instead of an open flame.  The flame will just burn your bread so it is best to avoid them. It took me about 8 minutes to cook each roll. But cooking times will vary on the thickness of your dough and the heat of your fire. Top with the icing that comes in the can, and enjoy!camping menu recipe ideas, cinnamon rolls on a stick, pretty amazing, camping hacks, dessert ideas for outdoor cooking

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  1. We did! just have to be careful because the sugar can burn quickly — we kept them next to the coals instead of on them and it worked well (our irons are cast iron, not aluminum)

  2. Yum!!!! the question is could we do this without the oven. New waters for us Alyssa Erlandson!

  3. Yes lets do it. I love the rolls cooked over the fire and the cinnamon rolls sound yummy!!

  4. Patty Cook Lozinto Tim Cook … Hmmm … We may have to look into this! I’ll bring a couple cans and we can try at the campfire!!!

  5. Molly Woodward and Stephanie Demonbreun-Woodward for your nights at Lake Will

  6. I always say I am going to try this but have yet to. They look so good!

  7. Shoot girl Thatd b some slow chillin roasting by the fire. But it’s definitely worth a shot lol

  8. No, Lori Spilman but they will be on the next camping trip menu. They look so good, and so easy.

  9. They make a roasting stick that would work for these. We use it to cook canned breadsticks the same way- they spray with butter and cinnamon and sugar

  10. We made things like this at scout camp with biscuit dough. You fill center with jelly, or honey or whatever you want

  11. Yup and it’s yummy!!! Send me some please Connie. ..can’t make fire down here right now! Hee hee hee 🙂

  12. Aw thanks JoshandChar McKenzie I’m gonna make these this weekend. . Looks yummy

  13. this is a great idea! they would love these.. only if we could find a clean stick! LOL

  14. Beverlee Marcey Sesser Mary Dixon Stefanie Kahle Matthew Kahle Brian Sesser Gary Butler Jennifer Nicole Dawson Hough Missy Best next camping trip we should make these

  15. Holy cow, guys I think this beats any s’more we could ever make!!! Shanlynn Briggs Dirk N Cassie Nimer

  16. TJ Flynn Jake Heim if you two don’t hurry up an plan a camping trip im going to starve lol

  17. Casey Logan, Kristen Michelle Baker, Jessica Wood. Maybe next fire? Lol

  18. Oh hell yes. We have cinnamon rolls. Friday, Friday this is goin down!!!

  19. Katie Thomas we need to try these next time we have a bonfire. They look m yummy.

  20. Trying to think of something cheesy that would stay contained on the stick. Melted cheese is where it’s at. It would be cool to somehow make pizza sticks? Like roll cheese and sauce and maybe pepperoni bits into the pretzel/biscuit dough and then twist it around the stick?

  21. Your description of the poblano peppers is what I was thinking for jalapeños. Also totally also thought of mozzarella sticks and YES we still eat them. Mmmmm about the hot dog with pretzel or biscuit dough. Yum!

  22. Haha lasagna! I like doing shishkabobs. With meat and veggies or just meat. Hmmm what else goes on sticks…mozzarella sticks? Oh wait I bet you guys don’t eat those anymore. Haha. Cookie dough sounds interesting but you’d have to wrap it in something to keep it from melting off into the fire. Ooh here’s a good one! Maybe like stuffed poblano peppers with cream cheese and bacon! It’d be cool to make frozen pretzels on the fire or something. Or maybe twist the pretzel dough around something (hotdog) on a stick and roast that? OH the possibilities!

  23. Totes! Hmmmm….what other things can we wrap around sticks and roast for camping? Let’s brainstorm. Cookie dough? Jalapeño stuffers? Lasagna? Okay maybe not lasagna.

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