Can you smell the FREE brownies???

I often joke that couponing makes me a better person,  because it allows me to share with others freely from my pantry that is filled with coupon deals.  But there is a bit of truth behind that statement.  On a tight budget I could never afford all the extra goodies like brownies, juice boxes or bring enough snacks to the park for all the kids.    I would be struggling to just provide enough for my own family and giving to others would be a stretch.  Yet couponing allows me to feed my family of 6 for $50.00 a week and still have lots to share.

Last week the kids and I decided to make brownies with their friends.  Why?  No reason other than it sounded like a fun thing to do.  Since I got 10 free boxes last month at Albertsons, no need to keep them just for a special occasion.   I made sure to sing the “S*T*I*R” song to the tune of  YMCA and dance around the kitchen just like my Mom did when I was little.  My 6 year old leaned over to her friend and said “My Mom is a little weird and giggled”.  We baked them, and the kids went out to dig for more dinosaur bones.

I decided to see how long it would take them to notice the plate of brownies waiting for them to eat…..

It did not take long till one of them spotted them and muttered the word brownies…..

And they all came running with smiles ear to ear….

Gone in about 10 seconds…. Best free brownies ever!

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