Caramel Dip Recipe ~ Only one ingredient in the crock pot – Sweet and Condensed Milk

Did you know that you can make Caramel Dip with only ONE ingredient.  All you need is a can of Sweet and Condensed Milk.

First take the label off your can, then place the unopened can in your crock pot.  Cover the can with water, turn the crock pot on high put the lid on and WALK AWAY! Set the timer for 4 hours, open the can and enjoy some amazing caramel.   Yes easy as that you will have yummy caramel dip.

 I was away longer than I thought so mine cooked about 6 hours… oops.  So it was a little darker than normal.  If you cook it 4 hours it will be a lighter golden caramel color.  If you do not have a crock pot you can cook it on the stove, bring to a boil for an hour… but I would not leave it unattended.  That is why I like to do mine in the crock pot.

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