Caring For Curly Hair, Tips and Tricks To Help Your Curl Look It’s Best!

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Caring For Curly Hair, Tips and Tricks To Help Your Curl Look It’s Best!

(above photo courtesy of Liz Rowley Photography)

Curly hair can be hard.  It is so pretty when it is healthy, well cared for and cut right.  When it isn’t, it is a mess and can really make you hate it!  I grew up with curly hair, and it was a disaster.  I knew nothing about taking care of it, and had bad hair cut after bad hair cut.  It wasn’t until I graduated from high school and had someone suggest a diffuser that I tried wearing it curly and I loved it! I didn’t realize how curly it really was because I had been abusing it with blow drying, brushing, curling irons and terrible haircuts.  I still can’t believe that not one of those hair dressers thought to try to bring out the curl at some point!

Fast forward a long time now, and I have finally figured out some key points to take care of my specific type of curl.  And then God blessed me with this beautiful little girl.  And guess what? She has curly hair!  But, her curls are totally different then mine,so then the guessing game began again to figure out what would work for her hair. She loves it long, and it is a huge learning curve. When we start to cut corners on how it is being cared for,it starts to look unhealthy and frizzy (like the photo above).

While curly hair is so different and varies person to person, here are some hair tips that are universal for ALL curly hair types!

1. Never ever use a brush.  Don’t do it. No matter how much you are tempted.  It breaks your hair and is awful to it.  To get tangles out of your hair, take a wide tooth comb or a hair pick in the shower with you and comb it AFTER you add conditioner, but before you rinse it out. This works like a dream. Even for my daughter loves to wear her hair long and it tangles just looking at it wrong! Even more important, you never, ever, ever brush or comb hair when it is dry.  This makes it a frizzy nightmare.  I wish I had learned this sooner.

2. Blow dry with a diffuser.  This is simply an attachment that goes on the end of your blow dryer. While air drying is nice and is best for keeping your hair healthy, using a diffuser helps give your curl definition.  Each individual curl sort of has a mind of its own.  Diffusing it helps the curls to sort of “group” together so that you have a more smooth style as opposed to each individual hair going its own way.

3. Don’t rub your head with a towel when your hair is wet. To dry your curly hair you will want to either blot the ends (if you have long hair) with your towel. Or even better, skip the towel for your hair completely and use an old t shirt. Really! It is amazing the difference it will make on your hair!

4. Try not to wash it everyday.  Curly hair is usually more dry then straight hair.  Washing it daily just dries it out. If your curl is like mine, it doesn’t stay curly the next day.  It turns into waves and frizz.  I sometimes just pull it in a ponytail to avoid washing it.  However, just wetting it down while in the shower will work to diffuse and gain the bouncy curl back.

5. Find the products that work for you! Don’t just use exactly what someone on the internet uses because everyone is different and has different needs. The products I use don’t work for my daughter and vice versa.  Playing with different combinations and products designed for curls, you will eventually come up with what works best for you.  To help you, go to this website it has a quiz to help you figure out what type of curl you have and offers recommendations for products, cuts and hairdos for your type of curl.

6. Love your hair! Curly hair is so versatile and can do so many different things.  It is unique and beautiful if you wear it right.  Stop straightening,and spending so much time trying to make it like everyone else’s and just love your hair for what it is!

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By the way, the products used to achieve the look above were J of Beverly Hills Crazy Curl and J of Beverly Hills shampoo and conditioner .

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