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Pink SlimeThere has been a lot of talk of this stuff called “Pink Slime” in the news. So what is it and is it safe and how can you avoid it?

Pink Slime by definition is meat trimmings. When meat goes to a processing plant for butchering, the prime cuts are trimmed and packaged. But what happens to all of the “extras”? They are saved and added to everything else not used. Doesn’t sound good does it?

In many ground beef packages, up until recently, could contain upwards of 25% of this Pink Slime. And as of now, the labeling is not required to list it as an ingredient.

Starting this fall the government will allow schools to “choose” if they purchase meat with Pink Slime or not. – So Call Your School District!

Which stores carry this goo of Pink Slime? Well it is ever changing and varies buy region.

Stores that NEVER sold Pink Slime:

CostCo, A&P, Whole Foods


Stores that will Stop selling meat with Pink Slime are:

Kroger brands, Stop & Shop, Safeway brands, SuperValu brands – including Albertsons, Food Lion, Winn-Dixie, Giant/Martins, select Martin stores, Bi-Lo will phase out by April 20th,


Stores that STILL sell Pink Slime tainted meat:

According to USA Today – Walmart and Sams Club will “begin selling meat that doesn’t contain the additive. It did not say it would stop selling beef with the filler altogether.” And added that they will allow customers to have “options”. All though they are not required to label the packaging.


So if you are ok with Pink Slime – ignore this post. If you want 100% pure beef and not Pink Slime additive – then choose your store wisely, and call your children’s school district

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It’s Matt – This past week I traveled to Atlanta for a blogging conference. Due to conflicts in our schedule I had to attend the conference by my self and Sarah stayed home with our kids. I was excited that I was still able to attend. Not for what I learned there, although I did learn a lot. But I was excited because I used to live outside of Augusta Georgia, in a town called Martinez. I lived there during my third grade through my 6th grade year and attended Martinez Elementary School.

If you are familiar with Georgia, you will know that Augusta is over 2 and a half hours away from Atlanta. But if you know me I am really big in my history and genealogy. I have always thought it would be fun to go back an see my old homes that I used to live in. So what did I do? Well I rented a car, and reserved the thriftiest price I could find. I arrived late in the night last week and approached the car rental desk. The lady told me that they were busy that day and had rented out all of the economy class cars. She then said that they wanted to give me a higher class car but still keep my price the same as what I reserved. She then asked “Can you drive a stick?”. I smerked  and said “Yes” while my mind raced back to my teenage years and trying every driving trick in the book with my old high school car. What hormone driven male teen hasn’t right? Well she scanned through their inventory and handed me the keys to a Dodge Challenger. Not just some two door V6 model with entry class options, but a V8 HEMI charged with 375 horse power, satellite radio, power everything street machine. When I walked up to the car in the parking bay, I just smiled! This trip is going to be fun! Now I had to make the trip from Atlanta to Augusta. Who wouldn’t want to take this thing out on the open highway?

Yes I enjoyed the ride… I won’t go into details 😉

So yes I drove out to Martinez Georgia to visit my old home. Who knows maybe one of our 8.5 million visitors to our site actually attended the same school back in the mid 1980’s?

For privacy I wont mention the street or the address but there are so many memories of this home:

In the back yard, that is the exact same deck I helped my Dad build. And not sure if you can see just to the right of the deck there is a brown patch of sunken dirt. That is the hole I helped dig to put in our pool. So strange to see it.

Next I went over to my old school. At first the only thing I could remember about the school was a corridor into the gym/cafeteria. In 5th grade I got 3rd place in the school art contest. I was so proud as I walked back and forth in the corridor where they hung the winners art work.

Needless to say, but as soon as I entered the school to ask about old teachers, flashes of past memories started to flood my mind. I visited my old school library and talked with one of the librarians there while I looked in old school year books. One of the only two teachers I remembered – Mrs Powell, and the other Mrs Morris. The librarian actually knows Mrs Powell and she recently retired. It was such an enjoyable day there. I was sad to not be able to meet any of my old teachers.  I even tried to introduce myself to the current owners of our old home, but they weren’t home.

There are no children in these pictures so I will share the photos of the front of the school in hopes one of you might of gone there.

So if you ever get a chance to visit an old home, or old school that you haven’t seen in 25 plus years, I would recommend it! Memories you long had forgotten, will come racing back! Needless to say the rest of my trip was so relaxed in knowing of the satisfaction I gained from cherishing old memories.

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You may not know what SOPA is, but if you run an online website you probably have heard about the new vote coming before our government… If you haven’t heard of SOPA you will most likely see the Strike tomorrow.. Wikipedia has already gone “black”.. or shutting down…Websites that go “black” tomorrow Wed 1/18/12 are publicly displaying their protest for the legislation going before our government to restrict, regulate, enforce, and give out felony warrants for arrest of website owners who the Big brother of Governmental deem in violation. We will not be going “black” and taking our site down for the day – but we have already sent letters to our senators and congressman to oppose the bill. We hope you will do he same…Please read the following link and support sites like, Wikipedia, WordPress, Twitter, Reddit, A Thrifty… and hundreds and thousands of other sites…

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Note - thats not me in picture, nor my cash

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