Cellphone case with pepper spray or Stun Gun built in, or individual Stun Guns, alarms and self defense protection devices

No matter how big and tough you may be having self defence protection is one of the most important tools to bring with you wherever you go and at home. We have all read or heard the stories, it can happen in your car, at the mall, the grocery store and even at your own home. Having a tool or device that you can quickly grab nearby to help you protect your self can be live saving! And what is always at your side – Your Cellphone! There isn’t a better place then to have pepper spray or a stun gun built into a Cellphone iPhone case! And the next closest item you may have are your keys. They are either in your hand or right on top in your bag. A quick grab of a hard pointing item or an alarm of a ear deafening 130dB will chase off any one trying to get too close!

Cellphone case with Pepper SpraySABRE Red SmartGuard Pepper Spray Case for iPhone 3, White Or in Pink

As low as $14.95 plus shipping, but hurry these are going quick

Yellow Jacket Cellphone iPhone Stun Gun Taser CaseYellow Jacket Stun Gun Case for iPhone 4

The ultimate discrete protection – a cellphone case that can be used as a Stun Gun to protect yourself in those times of need!

As low as $139.95 PRICE DROP  $99.95

Pepper Spray Self DefenseSABRE RED Police Strength Pepper Spray – Compact, Pink Case with Quick Release Key Ring & 25 shots, 5Xs more than the competition for max protection

As low as $9.99 and free shipping

Stun GunPOLICE 12.000.000 V Stun Gun VC w/ Flashlight (Pink)

 As low as $10.98 and free shipping options – while supplies last

Personal Protection keychainPink Metal Cat Personal Protection Self Defense Keychain Keyring

As low as $4.55 and free shipping options

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