Cheese coupons and what is a good price?

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I had a reader ask me why there is never any cheese coupons, she said she was rather new to couponing but was sad to never come across one.   Well cheese coupons may not be the most common coupon but they are around!   One of my favorites it the $1.00 off any Brand of Cheese 2lbs or more. Now this coupons is only valid in Utah and Idaho ( why I have NO idea?) but is a great coupon to match with a sale and get for a thrifty price.

I looked for cheese coupons in our Coupon Database and it pulled up 3 pages.  Here are just a few:

This brings up another question what is a good price for cheese? Well prices are different depending on where you live so take that into account.

Cream Cheese

  • Need it now – $1.50
  • Running low grab a few- $1.00
  • Stock up now!- $.50- free

Block or Shredded Cheese

  • Need it now – $2.00 lb
  • Running low grab a few- $1.50 lb
  • Stock up now!- $.75- free

Do you have any tips for finding cheese at a good price, or what is your price guide.

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