Cinnamon Stick Manger Ornament

Cinnamon Stick Manger Ornament

Hi guys! It’s Tami here. If you love the smell of cinnamon, you will love this Cinnamon Stick Manger Ornament. It is easy to make with just a few supplies, and the fragrance of fresh cinnamon will linger and have your house smelling lovely. The sweet manger design is of course special for Christmas. Make it with the kids for a keepsake you will love hanging on the tree each year.

Cinnamon Stick Manger Ornament

I have a special spot for mangers and nativities. I have collected them since I was a teenager and find each one beautiful. I love the chance to see nativities throughout the season and keep the real reason for celebrating Christmas close by. You can make one of your own, here is how:

What you need:
5 cinnamon sticks
Hot glue, glue gun
Yellow felt cut into a star or star button
Ribbon for hanging

You can find the majority or these things at the dollar store, or any store that carries craft supplies.

Begin by taking 2 of your cinnamon sticks and gluing the ends together at an angle. This will form the roof of your manger. Next, take 2 more sticks and place a dab of glue on one end of each of them. Glue those to each end of the manger, this will be the walls. Just press them in place until they are set and the glue is setting. Now it is time to glue on the floor by placing a dot of glue on the last stick and securing it to the bottom of the walls.

To finish this cute ornament off, you can glue either a yellow star button or a piece of felt cut into a star to the top of the roof. Glue a loop of ribbon to the back for easy hanging.

That is it! You can now display your ornament.

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Polar Express Inspired Ornament With Free Printable Tag!

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