Citrus-Sprayer ~ Handy Kitchen Tools


Citrus-SprayerCitrus-Sprayer-Lemon-Lime, 3pcs, in 8cm & 10.5 Cm, Holder Plate, Screw Lock & Pump Top by Utopia Kitchen

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To use, simply twist pointed end into a fresh lemon, lime, grapefruit, or orange, and press spray top to disperse citrus juice! A perfect tool for fruit salads, seasoning, drink mixes, and more.

  • INNOVATIVE DESIGN – The citrus sprayer include 1 small, 1 large sprayer and base holder plate. The larger citrus sprayer screws directly into the fruits like lemons, oranges or grapefruits; the smaller one is ideal for fruits such as limes or tangerines. It also comes with a small holder dish to rest the fruits on when not in use
  • SIMPLE EFFICIENCY – Using these citrus sprayers helps eliminate messes and juice from getting all over the place. Avoid messy slicing of fruit. Simple and easy usage of removing juices directly from the fruit. Downward spiral point, twists easily into fruit to avoid harm to hands and fingers.
  • PRESERVE FRUIT – You can save juices for later by putting the fruit and spritzer top directly into the fridge for later use. The cork seals the fruit for a long time and therefore can be used again and again. You would get the taste of actual fruit every time.
  • EASY TO CLEAN – Wash with soapy water after use! Dishwasher safe, made of ABS plastic.

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