Clear Ornaments as Cups~ Party Ideas and Tips

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Clear Ornaments as Cups~ Party Ideas and Tips

Are you hosting a Christmas party and want some original decor that can be used later?  Pick up some clear glass ornaments and there you go!  You could get super creative with these and put each guests’ name on with vinyl or paint marker, giving them an instant souvenir of the night. Top with some decorative ribbon or washi tape and you are ready for your guests!

Not only are these perfect for cookies and milk for a children’s party, but you could fill them with a cocktail for a more grown up night as well.

The possibilities are endless!  I chose a small size mine were a couple inches tall, but I knew my pint size guests would be too busy to want much to drink.  I hate when I am cleaning up after a party and I find soda cans with hardly a sip taken out of them!  That always feels so wasteful to me.  But if you poor the beverage into a small ornament, not only will everyone be thinking about how cute they are, you will be saving yourself money as well!

They will roll around if you aren’t careful.  Using ornaments with a flat bottom or placing in a decorative cupcake wrapper keeps them from moving around and doesn’t hide the cuteness of them.

clear ornaments as cups~party ideas, #party,#christmas, #ornaments, , #christmasparty, #easydecor, #thriftydecor, #partyplanning, #newyears, #officeparty, #thriftytips

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  1. WeeklyCraftLLC

    Cute idea, but potentially dangerous! Glass not intended for drinking may contain harmful levels of lead, which could result in lead poisoning.

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