Clipping here, there every where…

img_0804I have been so busy lately I am getting behind on a lot of things.  I am still trying to find the perfect balance in my life….I will let you know when I find it.  I was busy before I started this blog.  I still have just as much to do, but now I have less time to do it in.  One of the things I have gotten behind on is clipping my coupon inserts.  Which drives me crazy, because if I am not organized my shopping trips take me twice as long as they should.  This weekend we took a road trip up to McCall.  I took the 3 hour car ride to catch up on clipping and sorting my coupons.  But I still have not clipped yesterdays inserts, ( all four of them)

 I ran to Walgreens and of course all the weekly deals were gone, so then I rushed to Albertsons.  I did not prepare like normal and plan what I was going to get.  So I wandered around the store with an empty cart feeling overwheelemed and frustrated.  After 30 mins in the store the only thing I walked out with was 3 boxes of  zip lock bags.  They were free but I felt like I had just wasted my time.

I did not take the time to get organized so I was not able to use my time effectivly.  I should have taken a few minutes at home, to plan my trip like I noramly do.  I  then could have walked about with a whole cart load of deals.  I guess I am telling you this to let you know that even I hit a road block every now and then.  Do not feel over wheelmed, getting organized makes a night and day difference.  It is one of the key points to saving with coupons.

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