Coastal Contacts ~ Have you gotten your Free pair of prescription glasses, pay shipping only!!!

2013-05-17 02.46.07

UPDATE this offer is about to change, we don’t know how, but now is a great time to get your glasses for the price of shipping!!!

This is the FREE pair of prescription glasses I ordered for my daughter. They fit great and she has NO complaints about them.
Now if she misplaces or breaks a pair she has an extra to get her through.

And the best part is that this Thrifty Mommy just paid the shipping!

Once I placed my order they were delivered in 4 days!!! Best part … I only paid $9.95 shipping!!!

Final cart with offer code

I shared my ordering process with you here

I did get a copy of my daughters prescription and the office measured her current glasses all of this aided she and I in finding a pair that she liked and would work for her.  🙂

Coastal contacts Rx glasses for FREE


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