Cost of Dinning out verses Dinning In

Cost of Dinning out $50.00 verses Dinning In $6.00

Am I the only one who loves to eat out? ?Someone else cooks it, cleans up, what more can you ask for? ?But the down side is, it cost a lot to?eat out, with a family of five ?any sit down restaurant will cost my family around $50 (5 meals, drinks, tip) . ?That being said, we do not get to eat out very often, maybe once a month. ?
The photo above is a meal I made for my family with my Albertsons shopping trip last week. ?I took advantage of what they had on sale rice, chicken, lettuce, apples and what I had in my food storage. I then made ?a nice meal. ?I was able to feed my family of 5 for about $6.00. ?
Rice a Roni $1
lettuce .88 cents
Salad toppings $1.00
Apple for salad .33 cents
Honey mustard dipping sauce .25 cents?
3 chicken breasts $2.50
The whole meal took about 45 mins to cook start to finish. ? By simply putting it on a nice plate, it makes the meal seem a little more special. ?So when your family budget is a little tight make the night special and THRIFTY by dinning in.

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