Cottonelle Deal

Thanks to Helen in Meridian for this info,

This week Albertsons has Cottonelle 3/$9.99.  WINCO Meridian has cardboard boxes full of the Purple packets with the Cottonelle toilet paper “wipe” for you to feel.  On the back top of the envelope is $1.00 off any 4 pk and up.  The 6 double rolls are 3/$9.99 or $10, and with 3 doublers makes them $1.33  for 6 double rolls.  No problem doubling these mfg coupons and good until Dec.  These are the ones that were in the large pull out box, like cardboard blinky, about 3 months ago at Albertsons.  Nampa WINCO does not have them, but Meridian WINCO right off freeway behind McDonalds and beside Home Depot has lots of them for your taking.

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