Coupon blessings

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IMG_4908We all know that couponing takes a little more effort, than a normal trip to the store.  Yes it would be easier to write a list, grab those items and be done with your shopping.  But with a little extra planning you are able to save a ton of money, (to view my budget review click here).

Over the summer I was able to participate in several promos at Albertsons that gave me 50 BoxTops for my kids school, I did not really keep track of them, just stuck them in a folder till I was ready to turn them in.  Most of these promos I was able to get the items at a very thrifty price or even free.  They were items I wanted, but the BoxTops were a nice little bonus.

When I went to the PTO meeting they were asking for BoxTops, I went home counted mine up and realized I had 21 codes for 50 BoxTops….that means couponing helped me earn$105.00 for my kids School!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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