Coupon Budget Review for 2011 total spent $2128.09 (Saved $6755.87)

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One of the ways I keep myself motivated on this coupon clipping journey is to keep track of my savings.  It helps me see where my money is going and what a huge impact couponing can really make!

Last year total spent was $2128.09 (average of $177 a month to feed 6 people)

If I did not use coupons or sales these products would have cost me $8883.96

That means coupons saved me $6755.87

January –Spent $154.13 saved $696.59

February –spent $142.13 saved $898.12

March- spent $93.26 saved $895.26

April – spent $101.95 saved  $434.99

May- spent $201.90 saved  $865.26

June-spent  $169.66 saved $1038.75

July – spent$246.44 saved $1024.45

August- spent $183.19 saved $748.29

September – spent $186.55 saved $658.08

October- spent $224.97 saved $958.24

November– spent$ 151.38 saved $665.93

December– spent $272.53 saved $423.04

Click here to view all the details of last months purchases. Or click here for the week by week review

One of the most common questions is “How do you eat normal food when you grocery shop, since so many coupon deals are for snacks and such? – Or they ask – “Does this include grocery items like food?

So to answer those questions we started a category a year or two ago called My Menu Plan – we actually take photos of our meals everyday – To show you that yes you can coupon shop and still eat healthy and normal meals!

I try very hard to list everything that was purchased, but yes there are always items that just do not get listed.  Weather it be that Matt stopped by and grabbed things for a road trip, or because he felt like shopping.  Or because real life happens and I do not have time to grab a photo of the milk before I feed it to my hungry kids.  I do try hard and list almost all coupon trips  which is about 98% of the shopping I do for the year.

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