Coupon Budget review for March 2011

In the month of March I bought $895.26 worth of items
But I only paid $93.26 out of pocket
I saved $802.00

This was not a typical month for me.  The 1st week of the month my whole family had a week long stomach flu.  I had a 3 day trip to Utah and vacation the last week so yes it was a crazy busy month….  BUT I was still able to grab a few thrifty coupon deals!

Walgreens $3.08 for details click here

Albertsons $1.80 for details click here

Walgreens $2.50 for details click here.

Walgreens $2.40 for details click here

Albertsons $11.05 for details click here.

Costco $11.00

Albertsons $8.26 for details click here

Walgreens $9.25 for details click here

Costco $11.00

90 boxes to donate to FOOD BANK free… to learn more click here

Bountiful Basket $16.50

To learn more about what a Bountiful basket is click here.

Bountiful Basket $16.50

If you are new to my site, I know you are wondering how I feed my family on the items I purchased for the week.  Well I do not shop like a “Normal” person I stock up on the times that are at their lowest price point for the week.  I bring them home and add them to my Pantry which is full of items  that I use to make my families menu.  My freezer is stocked with meat, so between the pantry and the freezer I do not really “NEED” to buy anything.  Which allows me to only purchase things at a price that I am happy to pay.  Of coarse I have to buy my perishable items every week, like milk eggs and veggies. To view my weeks Menu Plans click here.

Once again it goes to show that having Multiple Sunday papers for coupon inserts and for Doubles, really pays off.  This has been the secret to my saving buying multiple Sunday papers and for only $13 a month it is totally worth it!  To find out how to get the Idaho Press Tribune or the Idaho Statesman A Thrifty Mom Paper deal click them.




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