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Couponing gives me the freedom to provide food and snacks for my family on our meager salaries and was a lifesaver when we were out of work a couple of years ago.

Mischa Garrison-Ward

Couponing gives me the freedom to keep homeschooling my oldest child, teaching him the value of a dollar(or not having to completely use that dollar), while knowing that I can have a bit of control over our finances, and our future, even with economic pitfalls in the path before us. I am so thankful for the opportunity to use coupons and help secure a brighter future for my family.


Couponing gives me the freedom to help others after a fire, a funeral or other disaster. So many people have lost their jobs or older people living on little money so appreciate things that I can easily get for free.

Melissa B

Couponing gives me the freedom to continue to work part-time until my boys graduate high school and still have the summers off to spend with them, while also being able to help my oldest son stay stocked up on supplies while he finishes college. A hobby that saves money and benefits many.


Allison Jensen

I have only been trying to coupon for 3 weeks now, but it has given me the freedom to teach my kids how to save money, shop wisely & work together to start saving money. It isn’t about who brings in the money but how we work together to live frugally (: We have found freedom in organizing our home & understanding everything that is needed to make our home function. I can’t wait to build a surplus!


I love the freedom couponing gives me to splurge on my family. I don’t feel bad playing for an activity, because I’ve saved money on the food we’ve eaten. Also I get to be more generous with the food I do have, because I got it at such a great deal.

Christine W.

Couponing gives me the freedom to be able to feed my family of 3 1/2 well balanced meals every day even though we are going through some very hard financial times. I’ve enjoyed couponing with my mom and grandfather since I was a teenager, but now it’s become a necessity. I am 8 months pregnant and was just let go from my job. My husband is currently our only income, and he’s on Workman’s Comp, but is recovering quickly from having his bicep reconnected. I’m really enjoying teaching him and our daughter (who are going to have to take over the shopping for a while very soon) how to get the best deals with the help of coupons and blogs like this.

Bonny G.
Couponing gives me the freedom to… 1)Be a stay at home mom 2)Give my family things that they need and something things they just want 3)To share our surrounding family 4)To give back to the community. What a great hobby!


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