CPAP hose holder

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CPAP hose holder

This CPAP hose holder helps keep your hose out of the way while you sleep to prevent it getting tangled.

CPAP hose holder

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  • GOOD NIGHT’S REST. A must-have for anyone who uses a CPAP machine, the BodyHealt Hose Holder keeps your CPAP tubing tangle-free and out of the way so you can sleep safely and soundly night after night.
  • SECURE DEVICE. Lightweight yet durable, this simple device holds the hose securely to deliver continuous air pressure while you sleep. It also features an adjustable arm that moves with you easily so there’s no pulling or tugging of the hose.
  • EASY TO USE. Straighten out the pole and slide the base between the mattress and box spring. Next, feed the hose through the coiled loop on top to support the tubing away from you so it doesn’t become tangled throughout the night.
  • UNINTERRUPTED CPAP THERAPY. By keeping the hose supported, the BodyHealt ensures that the hose doesn’t become tangled while you sleep. As a result, your air won’t be cut off and you don’t need to worry about the mask falling off when you roll over.
  • COMPACT STORAGE. The pole-like structure is collapsible, allowing you to fold it down when it’s not in use and then straighten it out again when you need it at night. In addition, the BodyHealt comes complete with a storage bag for easy portability.

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