Crafts ~ DIY Interchangeable Flower Flip Flops

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flower flip flops Easy DIY Interchangeable Flower Flip Flops by Tiffany

Get your sun glasses on, someone needs a tan! ūüėČ Summer is here and the fourth of July¬†is right around the corner. Time to pull out¬†the cute flip flops and your patriotic spirit. Here’s a quick and easy way to spruce up a pair of¬†cheap flip flops in no time flat. One flip flop, many different possibilities to match with your wardrobe. You can even make a pair to match the ‘Mini Me’ in your life. For my ‘Mini Me’, I made her a matching flower hair¬†clip¬†to match with the flip flops. So cute!


Supplies needed

1 pair flip flops, desired size/color

krazy glue

embellishments, different varieties/colors

artificial flowers, different varieties/colors

hot glue gun/glue

Velcro, general purpose, sticky back 5/8in * 1.5cm (black coins)


Directions, Remove the middle of the flower, separate petals.

Stack desired colored petals on top of each other (about 4-5). With a hot glue gun, glue petals together. Hot glue desired embellishment in the middle of the flower.

With Krazy glue, glue soft velcro piece in the center of the flip flop, let dry.¬†(Hot glue gun didn’t work, I found that out the hard way. When you want to change your flower, the Velcro came off with it. Yay for crazy glue!)

Krazy glue the rough Velcro piece to the back¬†of the flower. (In this picture you see that I made a little stitch through the¬†Velcro and flower. I later found that this isn’t necessary. For my patriotic flowers I didn’t do this and they are holding up just fine.)

Voila’¬†interchangeable flower flip flops in no time flat! ¬†

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