Creating Memories with my family at the Rodeo

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One of the top 10 professional regular season rodeos is the Snake River Stampede. You can visit their Facebook page here, and tell them we sent you. We bought tickets a few months ago for some awesome up front seats right above the bucking shoots. Paulin, my (Matt) distant cousin from France had never seen a rodeo. We took the family and had a fun night.

The girls enjoyed seeing the rodeo queens, and watching all of the events!

Even Matthew with his short attention span thoroughly enjoyed the rodeo! He had so much fun!

We watched some awesome local Idaho talent and tons of pros that came in to compete for a part of the $400,000 cash pot!

Tons of bare back, saddle bronc, calf roping, steer wrestling, team roping, barrel racing, and the final bull riding! There was so much action that poor little Maleeya was just too tired to keep up with it.

But little Matthew was on the edge of his seat the entire night! I was so amazed at how well he focused. We learned something new about him that night. Usually he becomes so bored and starts to annoy us. But between rodeo and fishing they are the only two things he can focus on for hours!

The final event for rodeos is usually the Bull Riding. Right after the first bull was let loose, Paulin leaned over to me and said with a excited voice – ” This I like!”. That made me happy that he enjoyed it so much! Rodeo’s are definitely an America sport that many other countries do not understand. Earlier he had told us that rodeos are illegal in France. He wasn’t sure why, but he said he had been excited to watch the event. That whole night on the long ride home in traffic, he was talking so fast like a kid after their first big event. It was fun seeing his excitement from the earlier events that night!