Cute Polka Dot Scarf Shawl Wrap – under $2 shipped FREE

dot scarfJMT Hot Sale Fashion Charming Warm Dot Scarf Women Ladies Girls’ Shawl Wrap
As low as $1.95 and free shipping

I love having extra wrap close buy. For a quick answer to a cold chill, or to add a flare to an old outfit, Scarves can do it all!

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9 thoughts on “Cute Polka Dot Scarf Shawl Wrap – under $2 shipped FREE”

  1. Gere Weller Shoemaker

    Wonder if shirts in USA with Japanese writing say stupid random words and look as goofy. .no doubt lol people are funny.All PEOPLE.

  2. Lisa Carpenter Wickwire

    Ami Brittain, how did you do that? The cheapest I found them was $1.97 with free shipping.

  3. Ami Brittain

    I just bought 20 for .48 cents each and only 3.00$ shipping for all!!!

  4. Linda Moran

    I just bought the black and red for 1.99.. I think there’s two if not oh well I guess I’ll be surprised when I get it.

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