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Frozen Elsa Dress, How to make a Disney Frozen Elsa Dress with NO SEWING and made for UNDER $10, #Frozen, #ElsaDress, #ElsaCostumeElsa Dress, No sewing required and made for less than $10

******************Frozen party, #DisneySide, Easy Frozen party ideasIf you have been reading our blog the last week you know we have been listing a lot of Frozen Party ideas.  That is because we were getting ready to host our own Frozen Disney Party. We are excited to announce that we teamed up with some of the great folks at Disney to host our very own Disney Side @Home Celebration.  They sent us some fun supplies to get the party started.

Frozen party, #DisneyMySide, Easy Frozen party ideasBoth my boys and girls LOVE the new Disney show Frozen. So when I asked my kids what they wanted the theme of our party to be, it was quickly decided that FROZEN was the only way to go. The girls were more concerned about the menu plan while the boys just wanted to know what games we were going to play.

Frozen party, #DisneySide, Easy Frozen party ideas

Here is the menu plan the girls and I came up with. Yes a bit of a sugar overload, but we all need days that we just “Let it go” and enjoy the moment.


 Frozen Popcorn

Frozen Snowball Pops  

FROZEN Rice Krispy Treats

 Blue Jello Cake Recipe

Frozen party, #DisneyMySide, Easy Frozen party ideas

The boys sure enjoyed the food, but they were not to impressed with how “pretty” it was lol.  They chowed down on the food then they were ready to start the games.Frozen party, #DisneySide, Easy Frozen party ideasThe first game me played was Pin The Nose On Olaf.  Not sure that putting a blind fold on kids, twisting them up is the best idea since they just filled their tummy with sugar.  BUT luckily they all had fun, giggled and no one got sick lol.  We had a few “magically” put the nose spot on, but they swore they didn’t peek.

Frozen party, #DisneySide, Easy Frozen party ideasThe next game we played was Disney Bingo, sent to us as part of our Disney Side @Home Celebration kit.  It was perfect for both old and young.  They did not need to be able to read since even the 3 year olds in group could easily recognize Disney characters  and locations.  For prizes they won Disney wrist bands, stickers, tattoos and posters.

Frozen party, #DisneySide, Easy Frozen party ideasSince we had kids ages 3-12 at our Disney Frozen party we decided to let the kids use cereal pieces as their bingo game board markers. Never fails kids like to put things in their mouth and this way IF they happened to the put markers in their mouth they could just eat it and not choke on it :).

Frozen party, #DisneySide, Easy Frozen party ideasWe handed out bubbles for the kids and then turned on the  Frozen soundtrack, and let them dance and sing in the bubbles as they sang EVERY WORD to those songs.  I wondered if the boys were going to sit this part out and think it was too girly…. NOPE they were singing their little hearts out as well.

Frozen Party Ideas, Disney Frozen, Frozen Party,Let it go Frozen Song,#Frozen, #DisneyLast but not least was the BIG SURPRISE… we let them watch Frozen at home.  Oh my goodness you should have seen their faces they were SO excited. They snuggled up on the couch, and enjoyed every minute (and of course once again sang every word of the songs).

  Frozen disc is not available till March 18th but right now you can watch  Frozen (2013) [HD] $19.99 on amazon instant video.  Make sure you select the HD verson as the standard version is still not available till 3/18!  Frozen is on sale for only $17.99 (was $29.99) plus ships FREE with prime. It comes out on video March 18th!

If you would like to have your own Frozen Party you might find these DIY posts helpful…

Frozen Party Ideas, Disney Frozen Drinks, Frozen Party, How to make Disney Frozen Themed Drinks, #Frozen, #Disney


Frozen party ideas, Pin the nose on Olaf, FREE PRINTABLE #Dinsey #Frozen


Frozen Party Ideas, Disney Frozen food, Frozen Party, How to make Disney Frpzem Popcorn #Frozen, #Disney

How to make Frozen Popcorn

Frozen Party Ideas, Disney Frozen Snowball Pops, Frozen Party, #Frozen, #Disney

Frozen Snowball Pops 

FROZEN Rice Krispy Treats

Frozen Party Ideas, Disney Frozen food, Frozen Party, How to make Disney Frozen Jello Cake, Blue Jello Cake #Frozen, #Disney

 Blue Jello Cake Recipe

Frozen party theme items for your party:

Disney’s Frozen Party 9? Square Lunch/Dinner Plates

Disney Frozen – 9 oz. Paper Cups (8)

Disney Frozen CI: Inflate-A-Fun (5 pack)

Disney Frozen Movie Stickers – 75 Per Pack

24 Disney Frozen Cupcake Rings & 24 Baking Cups

Thanks again to Disney Side @Home Celebration for allowing me to take part in this event and show my #DisneySide.  I was not paid for this event but was given party supplies to help host the party, all opinions are my own.

 This post contains amazon links, Please note that Amazon priced tend to change often so prices may be higher or lower without notice.


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  2. Well since we made it all ourselves it was VERY thrifty. 🙂 Recipes did not cost much to make, games were printable so FREE

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