DIY Lipgloss

DIY Lipgloss

This lipgloss is so easy and fun to make. It’s Katie. I made some last night with my daughter and nieces and they loved it!

DIY Lipgloss

All you need are 2 simple ingredients – vaseline and koolaid packets + whatever you want to store your lipgloss in. I used tubs like these. I bought mine from Hobby Lobby and used my 40% off coupon I get on their app.

This is a super inexpensive diy project that kids can do. However, you do use the microwave and the vaseline gets hot so I would recommend adult supervision. To make clean up a snap, use a disposable tablecloth or a trash bag cut open. Spills will happen 🙂 Clorox wipes and hot soapy water cleaned up the spills easy.

Step 1: Melt a small amount of vaseline in a microwave safe bowl in the microwave. You need enough to fill whatever container your using. I did it for about 1 min and then stirred it so it would melt all the way.

Step 2: Add your favorite flavor of Kool-aid. You only need a little bit and then you can put a tiny bit on your lips to see if the flavor is strong enough. The girls loved mixing flavors and even layering them in the containers.

Step 3: Pour into your container. Be careful if the bowl is still hot and not to overflow your little tubs. Then you put the lid on and let cool. If you put them in the fridge they cool faster.

All done!

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