DIY no sew super hero mittens

DIY no sew super hero mittens

Have a little one obsessed with super heroes? These adorable DIY no sew super hero mittens will keep their little hands warm and they are going to love wearing their favorite mittens. This is an inexpensive project that takes very little time too.

DIY no sew super hero mittens

As parents,we always want to keep our little ones warm. Mine never liked having their gloves or mittens on. But man, their little fingers get so cold! It makes it easier for them to keep them on when they are their favorite color, or have something else about them that they like. That is why these mittens are perfect for any little kid that likes super heroes. They take very little time to make, and you can get the mittens for so little at the store making this a very thrifty way to keep your kiddo warm this winter.

you will need:

Begin by laying your pair of mittens out in the direction they will be worn. This will ensure that your symbol will be on the top of the hand and not on the palm. Lay your mittens out side by side and press to make them as flat as possible.

Cut two blue circles that are as close to the same as possible. The size of your circles will depend on the size of your mittens and your child’s hands. It helps to use a small cup or something round to trace so that you can keep these as round as possible. I can never cut a circle free hand! Take your fabric glue and cover the back of your circle. Press it onto the glove. *If you are worried about gluing your mitten shut, you can add wax paper or something inside your mitten to be sure the sides don’t stick together.

Cut out two triangles out of your yellow felt. Again, the size will depend on the size of your mittens. Try to get these triangles to be similar, but it isn’t a huge deal if they are not identical. Once you have a triangle, fold it in half like you would if you were cutting snowflakes and cut. We just did 2 smaller triangles, but you can be creative here. This would also be fun to add details of their favorite superhero. Add fabric glue to the back and place it on top of the blue triangles.

That is all you need to make your own super hero mittens! Be sure to give them time to dry before giving to your child.

When you are ready to wash them, just turn them inside out and let them air dry instead of putting in the dryer. This will help your emblem stay on for longer.

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