DIY Portable Camping Toilet ~ Made with a 5 gallon bucket and pool Noodle #Hacks

Camping Toilet, portable and low cost all you need is a 5 gallon bucket and a pool noodle, camping ideas, Outdoor living, Popular camping ideasDIY Portable Camping Toilet

We just came back from a family camping trip. We enjoyed the clean mountain air, cool streams, the shade of the pine trees and a gentle night breeze.  Camping is rather relaxing and a good way to get away…. that is UNTIL, you need to use the toilet. Now boys are pretty lucky if they need to pee, all they need to do is “find a tree” and make sure no one is looking. Girls on the other hand, we have to become talented gymnast able to balance while we “squat and hide” and try our best not to pee down our own leg. Or all over our pants because you dont lean back far enough (not that I have ever done that…lol) OR you lean back too far and fall backwards and land in all your naked glory… and pray you don’t land on a stick or a pinecone.

When it comes to “pooping”  boys and girls are both  forced to hide and do the caveman squat. Yes I just said the “p” word, whether you want to admit it or not we as humans ALL do it :).  This predicament is what lead me to make my own portable toilet.  When camping out in the middle of NO WHERE 2 hours away from the nearest town this little contraption is simply amazing ( and comfortable I might add).Camping Toilet, portable and low cost all you need is a 5 gallon bucket and a pool noodle, camping ideas, Outdoor living, Popular camping ideas

To make this all you need is a POOL NOODLE  and a 5 gallon bucket.  You can find pool noodles at most stores, even the dollar store. The cheaper ones are not as firm and are easier to work with. Home Depot or Lowes sells the 5 gallon buckets for about $3 so that is a great place to buy them.  Take a utility knife and slice the pool noodle open all the way down one side.  If you want the ends to come together without a gap you will need to cut them at a 45% angle.  You can now push this onto the lip of the bucket to form a seat. We wanted ours to stay on really good so we  used Gorilla Glue Epoxy to set it into place.

You can slide a kitchen trash bag over it for easy clean up and removal. Or you can use a Reciprocating Saw and cut the bottom out of the bucket and use it over a hole in the ground, don’t forget your shovel. Now  you know how to make your own personal toilet…. hurry and go mark it of your ” life bucket list” because I am sure it was on there, lol.

If you want to use your bucket in private these TMS® Portable Green Outdoor Pop Up Tent Camping Shower Privacy Toilet Changing Room are a great option.

Camping Toilet, portable POOPER and low cost all you need is a 5 gallon bucket and a pool noodle, camping ideas, Outdoor living, Popular camping ideas

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  1. My 6 year old son wants to make this so bad! He calls it the business bucket!! Lol

  2. AND if you line it with a garbage bag you don’t have to clean it. Beautiful.

  3. The “caveman squat” is the best position you can put your body in for correct and injury free complete waste extraction. Just say’n.

  4. Well, there it is…my toilet for work…since I can’t leave my desk to go.

  5. LOL well if I had the option of a flushing toilet i would keep that option. But this is better than finding a TREE and praying nothing bites my naked bottom lol

  6. I have been contemplating removing my bathroom from my glamper for more sleeping room but didn’t know what to do about the potty……now I know!!! THANK YOU!

  7. This is an awesome idea! I think we would have gone camping while my son was potty training if I had seen this earlier. Thanks for posting!!

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