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DIY Robin Eggs

I love how these DIY Robin Eggs turned out. I saw some robin eggs for spring decor on sale the other day but they were a little more pricey than I wanted to spend on fake eggs. So I picked up some plastic Easter eggs from the dollar store and grabbed some paint to make these DIY Robin Eggs. They turned out so well and are perfect for adding a touch of blue to my Spring decor. And I loved that they were super inexpensive. The craft paint I used is the acrylic paint from Walmart that’s only 50 cents each.

What you need:

Plastic Easter eggs

Blue paint – I used Blue Cotton and Cloudless mixed for the blue color. Both paints are matte.

Brown paint – I used Dark Brown and mixed in a little metallic Pure Gold paint.

Paint Brushes

Step 1: Get your paints and work space ready. I use an ice cube tray to hold my paints. The little wells are perfect for mixing colors. We used large paper to cover the table. This is fun and a bit messy 😉

Step 2: Paint your eggs blue. I mixed the 2 blue colors Cloudless and Blue Cotton. The plastic Easter eggs have little holes in the bottom and top of them so we put a toothpick in the hole to hold it by. That way we could paint the whole egg and not have to touch it. We poked holes in the bottom of an egg carton with the toothpicks for the eggs to sit and dry.

Step 3: Once dry, it’s time to add some speckles! I mixed a little gold metallic paint into my dark brown paint. Add just a little water to make the paint easier to flick on. We load a apint brush with the brown paint and then tapped it with another to flick the paint onto the eggs.

This part take a little trial and error. You can always practice the flicking part onto paper first.

Once the eggs are dry rotate them and add speckles to the other side of the eggs. Let dry completely.

All Done! I did this thrifty craft with my 13 year old and she had lots of fun. It was a fun way to spend an hour or so hanging out together 🙂 These are cute in a basket or up on your mantel to celebrate Spring and Easter time.

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