Do not let the “sale” run your life

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busy mom

The last few weeks have been VERY busy at my house.  Going on vacation is always fun but, I still feel like I am a day late on everything.  I have had a few of you email me asking why I have not been out shopping as much.  I want to assure you all that I am fine, just trying to be a mom first, and ” A Thrifty Mom” second.  One of the best things about having a great food storage is, I do not really need to shop if I do not want to.

One thing I have learned is there is ALWAYS another great sale just around the corner.  If you miss out this week, it is ok because next week has a whole new list of thrifty deals for you.  It can be physically, and emotionally draining to try to catch every single sale.  It kind of takes the joy out of  it, so I have learned to just go at my own pace.  Some weeks I will go to the store  once…other weeks I will go 4-5.   If I miss a sale, it is ok!

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