Do you look like a coupon Shopper?

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Thanks to CouponGal for this guest post

Do You Look Like A Couponer?

Do you often get stereotyped because you use coupons? Has anyone ever said, “You don’t look like someone that HAS to use coupons” or “You don’t look like someone who WOULD use coupons” or any other variation of that comment? I have, many times (probably more times than I would like to admit).

That got me thinking….hmmmm….why? What does a couponer look like? Why are people making those comments? Unfortunately, there are no studies out there to back up my theory and this is just food for thought, but maybe it’s because those people don’t understand the power behind coupons, they don’t understand that using coupons does not “classify” or “categorize” us in any one particular group or to look like any particular “type.”

You see, I don’t believe that person who uses coupons “looks” a certain way. A couponer’s “look” comes from within their mind. For some couponers, they have made up their mind to use coupons because times are hard, for others, it’s because they lost their job, and for some it’s simply just because they WANT TO! It’s a way of thinking in which annual household incomeand a person’s looks do not play a significant variable!

That’s me…. up there in that picture! You can say I “look” like a couponer or not… it doesn’t matter because “I AM a PROUD couponer!” Just because we use coupons does NOT mean we do not take pleasure in the things that make us happy, does it? It just means we are going to find a CHEAPER way of getting what we want by combining a sale or promotion and a coupon or rebate!

Some of us still have Dyson Vacuums and splurge, most of us still go out to eat dinner with our families, and some of us even….(GASP)….YES, some of us even carry COACH PURSES because we worked a very **Supercali FRUGALICOUS cexpialidocious** deal to get it!

It’s you, it’s me, it’s a single mother of three….it’s all of us you see. That’s not a look, it’s not a type, it could be any of us alike!


(Do you like my little Dr. Seuss rendition?)

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