Watch for Price Accuracy

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checkoutWatch the screen as you are checking out. Often times the incorrect price rings up. Keep an eye, Albertson’s has a price guarantee policy and if it doesn’t ring up correct you can get that item for free. Keep in mind that they will only do it for one item. ( So if you have multiple of the same item, they will price adjust the additional items manually). Also, double check your receipts. I have found errors and not realized it until I got home. If it is a significant amount, ie. over a couple dollars I usually bring my receipt back and they are more than willing to adjust/refund you the difference. I believe Walmart has a price scan accuracy guarantee as well.

Get a system for rebates.

I found that I need to fill out the rebate within a day or I may forget about it. Get a system and stick with it. It’s so nice to get little rebate checks trickling in the mail! 🙂

Figure out your top items and lowest prices and watch all the ads. I was surprised to find a great deal on Paper towels at Lowe’s. I don’t shop there for much but they had it in their ad.

Watch the expiration dates, I have noticed some soon to expire things in promos and it doesn’t do me any good to get 15 boxes of granola bars that will expire in a month.

I’ve been couponing (officially) for the last 18 or so months. I had dabbled in it for years. I am very grateful to Sarah and the coupon bloggers out there, helping us find bargains and stretch our grocery budgets. Recently my husband was laid off and it really helped our family to use the principles of couponing and thrifty living to make every penny count.

I encourage everyone to be considerate of others. Not long ago, I had a shopper(couponer) literally clear the shelf in front of me and all I wanted were 2 men’s body washes! I just smiled and told myself “she must need it worse than I do.” Maybe she was sending all 15 or so bottles overseas to our troops or something…:) Anyway, courtesy and consideration. Let’s all be kind and think of others. Take what you need. Leave what you don’t. Above all have fun. Remember the Good Lord provides. It’s our responsibility to be good stewards of what he has given us. Remember there will be another promo and another great sale/bargain! 🙂

Thanks Michele for you guest post!

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