Do you think Costco is Thrifty?

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IMG_1516I get a lot of  questions from you all, and one that comes up often is “what do you think of Costco?” or ” do you ever shop there?”  Well I have to tell you I love Costco any store that feeds me enough free samples to count at lunch gets an A+ in my book.  We use to go to Costso every week, it was pretty much the only place I shopped.  We bought our gas, food, office supplies, and many other things there.  I think they have great quality items at a fair price.

BUT here is where I got into trouble, I kind of got addicted to going every single week.  We enjoyed it and spent way to much every time we went… we bought things because we wanted them.  Not because we needed them.  It seemed like very trip was well over $100.00 soon we were spending more than we could afford.  SO as much as I love  that store I have to limit myself and now we try to only go once a month.  In the photo above are a few things that I love to buy there and I feel are a great price.  But I spent more on these 3 things, than on my whole weeks worth of food at Albertsons with coupons.

So my advice is once again, do what works for your family.  I admit that coupon shopping is not for everyone.  I believe that every store has something great to offer….it really comes down to how you feel when you shop there.  That is what keep you coming back!

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