Don’t Eat Pete fall edition with free printable

Don’t Eat Pete fall edition with free printable

My kids love playing Don’t Eat Pete for parties. We have created a few different options for different parties over the years and shared them with you here! I’ll link them into the bottom of the post! Today I am sharing a Don’t Eat Pete fall edition with free printable. Print it and use it for your own fall parties! This is more of a generic fall one, and isn’t holiday specific!

Don't Eat Pete fall edition with free printable

If you haven’t played Don’t Eat Pete, it really is about the easiest party game ever and kids love it! We played it at almost every party we hosted when my kids were elementary school age.

How to play Don’t Eat Pete fall edition with free printable

All you need is this printable. You can print it on cardstock or glue it to another sheet of cardstock to give it a layered look. This will add some stability. Grab some candy or small treats of some sort. We have used Skittles, M&M’s, Smarties and Candy Corn.

To play the game you set a piece of candy on each square. Take turns and have one child turn around or leave the room. Either another kid or the whole group secretly picks one of the squares on the game board. (For our example, let’s say the kids in the circle chose the caramel apple). When the person who is “it” comes back to the circle they start picking up candy from the squares in whatever order they want. Once they get to the special square (the caramel apple) and pick up the candy everyone yells “Don’t eat Pete!”. That’s when their turn is over. It is so fun to watch the kids try to get through the whole board without getting Pete so they can get more candy.

I usually try to make sure each kid gets at least one turn. If they got out early on in the game I usually make sure they get another.

Using small candy makes it so your party players have less candy. For the kid that do try that it also will keep them from choking. **Adult supervision is a good idea so that they don’t shove too much in.

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