Doodling and Office Supplies Deal

As we all cross into new working environments, its important to remember our health and wellbeing is just as important as getting on with our work. Before buying office supplies, you should read more on the difference of portfolios and padfolios first. Doodling is often seen as a negative when it comes to work, it can show that you’re distracted, not concentrating and uninterested. However, doodling does have many benefits and can help with concentration, improve your focus and your mindfulness while working. Here are some of our favourite reasons for you to get your pencils out and get doodling and with you can also find other essentials for your office!

Our mind can hold a lot of information and focus on different tasks at the same time, sometimes it can be easy to get swept away with this and end up feeling stressed and panicked. Doodling allows your brain to take a step away from the chaos and slow down your thoughts for a little while.

Most people have or will experience stress, unfortunately when working from home it can become more common to get stressed and feel overwhelmed. Taking a few moments out throughout the day to doodle can take your mind off any issues or problems you have. Doodling can also be a form of self-care; we all deserve a bit of downtime every so often. Be sure to take out a few minutes at every so often to doodle and let your mind loose… The Silvine Take Note ‘Sane’ Pad is a great notebook to choose if you’re looking to get your doodle on. Not only does it support the SANE charity, it also has a printed dot grid and lines with a double bar at the bottom of each page!

Doodling and Office Supplies Deal

Don’t miss this Doodling and Office Supplies Deal! Great for kids and adults you can save on felt tip pens, sharpies, and more.

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