Fathers Day Gift idea – Duck Dynasty – Duck Commander Uncle Si cup

Every one now a days has heard of the TV show Duck Dynasty! And if you haven’t it is soooo funny! It’s a show about a family down south that makes duck calls. It isn’t so much about hunting or outdoor life as it is just family interactions! A part of that family is the uncle ~ Si (pronounced – sigh) is his name. The things he comes up with are hilarious!

  • Jase: Si we need a distraction… Si: No way, I was never good at math.
  • Uncle Si: you’re eating that too fast I don’t want a brain sneeze you’re fixing to get one! Jase: Si, I think it’s called a brain freeze. Uncle Si: whatever it’s called I want no part of it.
  • That thing will take the hair off a dolphin’s chest. And look here. Have you ever looked at a dolphin’s chest? Hey. That boy has fine chest hair.
  • I can eat 6 cold donuts but I can eat ’bout 49 hot ‘. I just have a good metabolism.
  • I’m the master of distractions a few hand gestures and I’ll rip your underwear clean off your butt.
  • Hey jack; if I hit you with this you’d be numb. That’s why they call me numb-chucks.

uncle si cup
Duck Commander 16oz Si Robertson Tea Cup – Duck Dynasty

PRICE DROP – Used to be almost $20 – Now it is as low as $5.99

We could go on and on with his silly quotes! One thing you will always see Si holding is his sweet tea cup! It is a light pale green cup and just like this one above! You can get this as a fun gift for Fathers Day!

uncle si

uncle si cup

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  1. he actually doesn’t use the word “metabolism” but another one of his made up words

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