Easy Halloween Card for kids ~ Hand Print Spider Card

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As you can see from the photos of my kids this post is from a few years ago.  This happened to pull up on my facebook timeline as a memory from the past.  I had totally forgotten about this adorable Hand Print Spider Card .  Pretty sure we will have to make these again.  Most of us are not a fan of spiders.  Yet  I am pretty sure any parent or grandparent will smile when they see this cute lil  Hand Print Spider Card in the mail.

These are also low cost, which is nice if you are going to do them for a school craft.  Or maybe a girls scout or boy scout Halloween craft project.

We sat down to make some fun Halloween cards with the kids.  They are simple but oh so cute and the kids had a blast making them!

You will need for your  Hand Print Spider Card 

  • Glue
  • Wiggly Eyes
  • Black Ink (washable) or Black washable marker
  • Black Sharpie marker
  • White card stock
  • Halloween themed scrap book paper

This works best with little hands (or larger kids make Finger Print Spider Card).  First cut the white card stock to the size you would like.  Next ink your child’s hand with black ink and press it down on the paper towards the bottom of the card.  If you do not have stamp pad you can use a black washable marker. Quickly cover their palm with the ink, then press it onto the paper. Use a sharpie marker to draw in the web and lettering.  Glue on to pattern paper and glue on wiggly eyes at the end!

On a side note make sure you are using washable ink…. I used permanent ink by mistake and my little guy ran around with a black hand the rest of the week….lol.

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