Elf On The Shelf Ideas ~ Easy Ideas for Elf On The Shelf, Day One

Elf on the shelf ideas day 1, athriftymom.com

Do you have an Elf on the Shelf at your house? We started the tradition last year and my kids love it, here are 23 Elf On the Shelf Ideas.

The kids woke up, got dressed for church …. about an hour after they were awake “little brother”… happened to look up and see something. With a huge smile on his face, “Wook the Elf is here”. The kids were pretty excited to see him just HANGING out this morning.

Still time to grab your own Elf On The Shelf if you would like to start this tradition as well.
Elf on the shelf day 1, athriftymom.com

 Growing up our family had an Elf that came to visit our house.  It was the highlight of my year by far.  Christ was the center of Christmas for our family but my Mom and Dad also let Santa bring us one gift, and fill our stocking with treats.  But having the family Elf come was almost more exciting than Santa.  His name was Chubs and he would come pop his head  in the window and peek to see if we were being good. Then quick as a flash he was gone again.

So last year I decided to start a tradition in our own home Elf On the Shelf.  The story tells how Santa needs helpers to write his naughty or nice list and this new little elf will come stay at your house till Christmas.  He will only move at night and each day you will find him some place new. He can not talk per Santa’s orders, but is always watching to make sure you are good.

I read the book Elf On the Shelf to my kids (and my Nephews) last night.  They LOVED IT and were even more excited about the elf that is going to live at our house the next 25 days.  They named him Chubs Jr after Grandmas elf… and they are full of excitement to see where he will be each day.

23 Elf On the Shelf Ideas

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  1. We start each Thanksgiving night. The kids wake up the next morning and they run to find him!

  2. Are there any deals on the elf. Any coupon codes for Barnes and noble or anything?

  3. Arrived today to a house full of parents, grandparents and uncles gathered for a big breakfast in honor of Chippy (our elf) arrival!

  4. I tell my kids the elf shows up once the tree us up and decorated. It helps in those years that I get behind in ny plans!

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