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Power Lift Chair Giveaway,I am excited to let you know that I have an AMAZING prize to giveaway, one lucky reader will win a  Extra Wide Power-Operated Lift Recliner from BrylaneHome.  This chair is valued at $999.99 and on sale right now for only $499.99. But one of you are going to get it for FREE. Use the the form below to enter to win, good luck!
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  1. I have multiple back injuries, making it too painful to sleep in a bed.  As a result I sleep sorta upright on the couch.  I’d love to win this chair, so I can get some comfortable sleep.

  2. I really could use this chair.  I have been on disability now for a year with peripheral neuropathy.  My feet and legs hurt so bad and I have atrophy in my right leg.  My husband has to help me up from our sofas or chairs in the evening, when my pain is so bad.

  3. I would love to win this chair to rock and comfort my little kids when they wake up in the middle of the night.  I have wanted a chair like this for years… Thank you

  4. Though I want to win this chair for my Grandparents, I want to win it to try it out for myself as well… I might want one too!!

  5. I want to win this chair for my grandparents because may decrease potential injuries that could be caused as a result of strained muscles in their attempts to get out of their current chair

  6. Whether used by my grandmother or grandfather, I want to win this chair so I can see a smile on their face every time I come visit with them and chat while they enjoy lounging in their chair!! 😉

  7. I am 61 and have a big problem with tremors and balance. I spend a lot of time in a recliner during the day and sleep in it at night.. I would like this because i believe it would hold up well and it gives me extra room to be comfortable.

  8. In addition to the reasons previously listed, I also want to win this chair because it comes from a reputable company, is sturdy and designed to last and looks VERY comfortable!!!

  9. I want this chair for a family member that has an incurable lung disease. He needs anything to make his life easier!

  10. I would love to have this chair for  couple of reasons. One, I have MS and two, I was just in a terrible car wreck. I have a full-leg cast, and this chair would make it safer for me to transfer to a wheelchair.

  11. I would love to win this because my brother in law who is autistic just broke his and this would make him very happy

  12. As mentioned previously… (momica4750), I would LOVE to win this for my grandfather… I called to tell them about this last night… and it seems they actually ordered one for him last week, but after testing some out, have decided that grandma wants one too but they can’t afford right now… so, now I want to win it for my grandma… either way… it’s PERFECT for them!!!  🙂

  13. I was in a bad accident and although it was 3 years ago, i remain pretty banged up. I still cannot walk (use wheelchair) and am in pain pretty much all the time. Please know I am not having a pity party. I am VERY blessed to be alive and am grateful for my life.  I have nerve damage in my right leg and cannot use the foot or pull backward with my leg. In addition my right shoulder has a torn rotator cuff.   I am therefore unable to use a “traditional” recliner because I cannot pull the leg rest back, nor use my right arm to use the reclining handle. However, a recliner would be great, as my legs swell if they are in a lowered position. This chair would be a huge blessing. 🙂

  14. I would love to win this chair for my mother-in-law.  She has Multiple Sclerosis and has an extremely hard time getting in and out of chairs.  They have had a string of bad luck and after my father-in-law ended up on workers comp a year and a half ago and unable to work, a chair like this is something they could really use but won’t ever be able to afford with him out of work.  I know this would help make life a little easier for both of them.

  15. I would love to win this for my parents; my father has a hard time getting out of chairs.

  16. I would so love to win this… I too want it for a grandparent!  My 89 year old grandma would be so blessed by this chair.  She keeps falling when she tries to get up from her other one, and she’s already broken her hips three time!
    Good luck to everyone, and thanks A Thrifty Mom and Brylane Home! It’s such a great opportunity!

  17. I sooooo want to win this chair for my 93-year old grandfather who has devoted his entire life to serving others. After surviving a plane crash in WWII and breaking numerous bones throughout his body, he fought his way to recovery and lived a fulfilling life. Between him and my grandmother, they had 8 children and over 40 grandchildren and we are all his world.  The last two years for me have been super rough after leaving a good job following my heart attack and he has offered so much help to me and my family when he should be enjoying his last few years.  Just about 3 weeks ago, he said that he wanted one of these and has started shopping around… When I saw this, I couldn’t pass up the chance…. Though its only a fraction of what he’s done for me… I want to win so that I can give my grandpa something back for everything he’s done for us!!! 😉

  18. I would love to win this chair because I have arthritis in my hips, knees and back. This would make getting up a lot easier than when sitting in a regular chair.

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