Fun Coke Glasses on sale

coke glass4 Coca-Cola Glasses Green Tint Glass Vintage-Style Retro Coke Can Tumblers 12oz
Don’t throw a party and hand out plain ole cans! Handle out fun glass shaped cans

And save money – On Sale for about 44% off! Get all 4 glasses as low as $8.99 and free shipping

  • 4.75″H x 2.75″D
  • Green Tinted Coca-Cola Glassware; Size & Shape Of A 12 Fl Oz Soda Can
  • Durable, High-Quality Glass; Great For The Kitchen Or A Bar; Classic Retro Charm


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  1. Friendly warning: I LOVE THESE CUPS! but I had these and they are made of very thin glass. I just literally just threw away the last one tonight ,because it broke while I was washing it ( by hand). My son is not happy because they are his favorite cups but If you buy them at the $ store they only last a couple months.

  2. Oklahoma dollar stores have them! In different colors…..clear or green tinted

  3. I have 52 real glass coke glasses all different, I collect them, and this one is in my collection already 😉

  4. I have two that came from Dollar Tree and they are exactly like those pictured. 🙂

  5. Lol i have m already nydia just dnt let nobody use m cus they very thin glass.

  6. We sell them at Osco in our $ aisle/ We also have the larger Coke glasses sort of in the bottle shape

  7. They have these at out local Dollar Tree. I bet you can order them on line too.

  8. And yes the dollar tree has coke glasses but I’ve never seen them in the shape of 12 oz cans before at the dollar tree.

  9. I was just about to say that. Yup, Dollar Tree carries this design and a couple other Coca Cola glasses.

  10. You can buy these are the Dollar Tree for $1. Much cheaper. I have a set of 6. This is kind of a rip off. If you have a Dollar Tree, check that first

  11. Thanks Tiff, trhey come in red also. I spotted them in Vegas. more spendy though

  12. I got these same ones from the dollar tree they usually have some soft of coca cola glasses

  13. Yep…we have a set of 8 from our Dollar Tree. I haven’t seen them there in awhile…but we love them!

  14. Christmas tree shop near me had them for a dollar as well. I bought a couple.

  15. Ha, everyone’s thinking the same thing as me! Dollar Tree’s prices are better!

  16. I saw these same glasses at Dollar Tree in Boise a couple of days ago for $1 each

  17. Our dollar tree carries them so they are $1 a piece so you could get 8 for that price if yours has them 🙂

  18. I think I saw these at the Dollar Tree just the other day…or at least they looked just like them

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