Extreme couponing- I choose real life

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With all the buzz the new TLC show Extreme Couponing has caused,  I worry that it makes some viewers think they have to live up to certain standard of savings.  I was listening to a group of women talk this weekend about how they wish they could “do it all”.  Have a perfect house, perfect children, perfect job, hit all the coupon sales,  and do it all.  I just sat and listened to them talk for awhile, as they were putting themselves down and comparing themselves to something on  TV.  I finally decided to add my “two cents”, but was quickly told…. um hello your A Thrifty Mom you always get all the good deals and never miss a sale.   SAY WHAT???

Yes I do get good deals, but I also MISS A TON of good deals every day.  Why, well because I am a “real mom”, and I have learned there is always going to be another sale.  For example Albertsons has a few really good deals with doublers.  I choose not to shop on Sundays so I am already a day late to the sale.  Today Matt works a 12 hour shift, I have 4 kids at home and a field trip to go on with my pre-schooler.  Inside it is killing me that I am missing out on these deals.  I  tried to figure out how I could make it to the store, feeling like I am totally missing out or a  failure if I miss the sale….. but every option I came up with was putting my family second and a deal first.

When I look at it in that light, I realize the choice is simple.  I choose real life and my family is more important than any free product I can get. If you are just starting this couponing  journey don’t let couponing consume your life, just make it a part of your life and you will be much happier.  It is okay to miss a sale now and then. (Now if for some reason Matt gets put on call, then yes I  will be darting out of here to see if I can snag a few double deals….. But most likely I will be spending the day with my kids instead)

Do you ever feel like you have to choose between the deals and real life?

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