Extreme couponing- Tip for finding promo items at Walgreens

Many of you know Walgreens is one of my favorite stores to shop at.  With the new “extreme couponing” craz many of you (myself included) have seen some big changes.  It started off with shelf clearing which left many shoppers trying to finding the items in stock, we did a whole post dedicated to that topic here. I talked about how Walgreens is not a warehouse store, yes they are ready to give you a good deal but not the place to stock up at.

A few weeks later I saw my favorite local Walgreens put limits on Register Reward items. This was to help a community of coupon shoppers find a good deal instead of just a few greedy couponers take all the stock within the first few hours of the sale. Personally I loved the limit of 4 like items per day.  My local store went a step further and the last two weeks have ordered huge quantities of register reward items.  I went to the store last night, and found almost every register reward in stock and waiting for coupon shoppers to take them home.

But while I was there I saw a rather grumpy coupon shopper complaining that she was not able to find any of the deals she was looking for.  She was looking for them on the shelf (which was empty)  what she failed to see was the store had two end cap displays dedicated to register reward items.

This brought up a good tip that we may forget sometimes.  It is always good to look for promo displays or end caps for hot items.  Or simply ask the store if they have more in the back.

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