Fathers Day Gift Idea – Gun Revolver Drill

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Gun revolver Shaped DrillHere is a fun Fathers Day GIft Idea…. Silver Revolver Shaped Screwdriver With 6 Different Size Drill Bits
$21.49 and free shipping options

  • Rechargeable screwdriver looks like a revolver.
  • Includes 6 different drill bits that store in the chambers.
  • Includes an AC adapter.


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  1. A Gun is not a Screwdriver!! Screw drivers don’t need to look like toys for grown men or women. Seriously??? Knives, Cars, Candle holders, etc. That’s as ridiculous as making a simple tool look like a gun. smh

  2. No, I haven’t had the chance yet. Will definitely be doing soon though 🙂

  3. 🙁 Did you go ahead and return it… amazon is normally very good about returns

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