Favorite hand lettering tools

Favorite hand lettering tools

Thinking about diving into some hand lettering or calligraphy? Here are some of my Favorite hand lettering tools.

Favorite hand lettering tools

I picked up a hobby in 2016 that I absolutely love. Hand lettering is so fun and relaxing to me. While there are some great, expensive products out there to try you don’t have to break the bank to create pretty words. Here are some of my absolute favorites.


Crayola supertips

Believe it or not, these markers are great for lettering! You have to play with the pressure a little bit to get the thicker downstrokes and thinner upstrokes, but a very frugal tool.


Graphite drawing pencils

While any pencil will do, the way a graphite drawing pencil glides on the paper is perfect for helping you perfect your pressure.


Tombow fudenosuke hard and soft tip set

Hands down my favorite pen for lettering. It is affordable and gives me beautiful letters every time I use it.


Tombow dual brush pens

These pens are definitely on the pricier side of the options but are great to write with. You will want to invest in some high quality paper if you are going to use these pens because the regular printer frays the marker tips and you will get less use out of them.


Graph paper

Simple graph paper is perfect for helping you create a uniform size and shape for your letters. It is an inexpensive way to get started.


Rhodia dot pad

Similar to the graph paper, a dot pad will help you create the uniform size and shape for your letters, while not being as dark and obvious as the graph pad.

Do you hand letter? What are your favorite tools?

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