Feel blessed? Donate to Food banks (Middleton Ridley’s has a unique way).

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Look for opportunities to donate to food banks this season as there are so many families in need all over this country.

Here is another opportunity in Middleton, Idaho.
The local Middleton, Idaho Ridley’s (GO HERE for the match up) has a table of  pre-filled grocery bags filled with $5 – $5.50 worth of grocery items for you to ‘buy’ for $5 and leave there to donate to local food banks in Middleton. One is a church food bank and the other is a couple who run a food panty.

With our busy lives what a convenient way to give back and let others eat.

They will be running this through at least Thanksgiving and might be through Christmas.

Meridian Food bank stands in need of Turkey’s (read that here)


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