Fidget Pencil Toppers great for kids with ADD, ADHD and Autism

wingnut and nut N bold fidget pencil toppers, for children with ADD, ADHD and Autism to keep kids engaged and fingers busy

 Fidget Pencil Toppers on Pencil, Set of 6 (3 Wing Nuts and 3 Nuts’n Bolts)

When you have a child or adult who had a hard time paying attention and needs to be moving, in order to be able to focus. This is a great option!

  • Fascinating finger fidget pencils in Wingnut and Nut N Bolt styles (assorted pencils included)
  • Finger fidgets are removeable and reuseable
  • Easily Washable
  • Great for individuals with ADD, ADHD and Autism in the school classroom
  • Keeps students’ minds engaged and fingers busy

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  1. Uhh I have ADD and this would be a HUGE distraction just saying U0001f62c

  2. Solid point. But we need a one hand solution because he needs to fidget And write at the same time.

  3. These can
    prove to be attention grabbing for the children with but would probably keep the students
    distracted in the class. Parents should instead look out for effective
    treatment like TMS therapy to get a permanent cure instead of these temporary

  4. I think you are right, Emily. I wonder how soon they will be appearing in my classroom.

  5. Erica Willis The public school in this area didn’t. They demanded a ADHD child remain totally fidget-free, quiet, and unnoticed during class or removed her recesses. The P.E. teacher for the first graders did not allow them to stop the exercise to use the restrooms so a number of them wet themselves and had to be sent to the nurse for a change of clothing…1 little boy was put in girl’s pink stretch pants and sent back to the class to be laughed at because he had wet himself after he had asked to go to the bathroom during an exercise routine. 1st Graders Not allowed to stop running and jumping around to go pee!!! That was just Not right!

  6. Krissi Suzanne I’m glad to hear that. My daughter was not put on an IEP because she had no issue with school work and grades, she just could not sit still and totally focus as much as the teachers in the local public school demanded. That is 1 of the reasons she attends an online public school now for the past 4 years. No child with ADHD should be made to lose their recesses because they are hyperactive, I mean really!!! They wouldn’t allow a Hyperactive child burn off any extra energy during recesses because they wanted to punish her for fidgeting and having trouble staying in her seat or remaining still, but 1 of the bullies who kept stealing her lunches and shoving her was allowed to get away Scott-free 😛 Made no sense what-so-ever!

  7. I like these but they would be so distracting for my kids and probably the other kids. I know my kids would be to busy playing with them to get any classwork done or pay attention to the teacher.

  8. Had them when i was in school really helped with my adhd and speaking i front of the class

  9. My son uses his with no issues. He is protected by his IEP and has fidgets included in it

  10. Most schools are understanding of disabilities, therefore if a fidget toy helps the child stay in their seat and focus on their work, they are actually encouraged to use them.

  11. Teachers would not allow them since it would distract the child supposedly and perhaps others by them watching the child mess with it. Even if it is better than them doing all the other things ADHD kids do. I have an ADHD child myself and the stupid school thought they could just punish it out of her….she ended up sitting on a bench every single recess for having been fidgety…obviously she no longer attends that school. 😛

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