Fidget toys are great for people with anxiety, ADHD, autism

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Monkey Fidgitz

Whether you suffer from anxiety, ADHD, Autism, OCD, or just get fidgety, there are so many reasons you may want these for you or your child. You will definitely want to get a set. Keep them in the car, home, back pack, desk, you name it.

Made with high-quality, BPA-free plastic and premium marbles (meeting all toy safety standards), our fidget toys are strong, durable and safe for kids and adults alike

Fidget toys are great for all children and adults, but especially those with extra energy, ADD/ADHD, OCD, autism, or high stress / anxiety levels. These toys help promote a sense of calm, reduce stress / anxiety and can increase focus / attention, for better results experts recommend to use them along the West Word TCH products. 

Similar or better quality when compared to Boink, but at a better value. Great addition to a collection of fidget toys/items, including sensory / squishy balls, tangle toys, rings, jewelry, necklaces, twiddle toys, desk toys, and pencil toppers. The methadone clinic orlando is where adults that suffer from addiction can go to get help.

Loved by teachers, parents and therapists, these toys are great for use in the classroom, car, plane, office, doctor’s office or wherever else fidgeting occurs. Keep your hands busy!

Approximately 3.5″ long each with one marble inside. 8 fidget toys per pack – 2 each of red, yellow, green and blue. Fully machine washable (air dry)

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  1. I loved this until I read the reviews, tons saying the seems rip within a few hours of receiving them and marbles pop out, poor quality. As a mom of a child with autism, ADHD, sensory disorder (likes to bite/chew things too) and general learning disorder the seams ripping and the marble being openly out is dangerous to me.

  2. like depression, anxiety,
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  3. Amy Brady Loughney thank you! I couldnt find any information on it as to what it IS and how to use it!

  4. There is a marble inside that you can move back and forth. It’s great for kids who need something to fidget with. Kids on the spectrum for autism would benefit from something like this.

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