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I saw this little cartoon last week on facebook. It hit me right in the heart.  I always WANT to put my kids first but it seems so many other things can sneak their way in and become more important. SO this week I once again recommitted to try and find at least ONE thing each day to say YES to, and enjoy my kids.  Even if it was only 10 minutes and something silly… it was better than nothing.  It sure felt  great going to bed each night knowing that I was trying just a little harder to put family first.


A few of the things we did this week…

Made Nobake cookies with the kids then snuggled up on the couch and watch PBR Bull Riding on tv.  My boys love to cheer for the bulls, they  think it is hilarious when the cowboys get flipped off.  My girls on the other hand like to cheer for the cowboys to win.

We also took the time on a rainy afternoon to paint some pictures and listen to songs.

Small and simple, but sure was the bright spot in my week!


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