Finger Print Spider Card ~ Easy Halloween Card DIY

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finger print halloween cardWe make this Finger Print Spider Card year after year, but the kids STILL love it. Super easy to make, low cost and always makes my kids smile. Great craft idea for a school party, boy scout or girls scout troop. Or just to decorate the tables at a Halloween Party! 

Finger Print Spider Card

My kids are so excited about Halloween this year!  So we made some fun Halloween cards the other night.  These are SUPER cute and easy to make as well!  Perfect to use as an invite to a Halloween Party or just to send a little Halloween Cheer to a friend (Grandparents always love a little finger print  love).

To make this card you need:

  • white card stock
  • Halloween scrapbook paper or colored card stock
  • orange sharpie marker
  • black sharpie marker
  • black stamp pad (of you can use a black washable marker)
  • glue
  • “wiggly eyes”  not sure what they are officially called but you can find them at any craft store
To make your Finger Print Spider Card . Start out by cutting your white card stock to the size you want your card.  Use the black sharpie to draw spider webs, use your child’s finger print create the body of the spider.  Draw legs on your spider with the black sharpie and place the eyes on with glue.  You can then use an orange sharpie market to write a greeting or Halloween message.  Back your card with scrapbook paper or colored card stock to create a card. You can even make these into place-mats or name tags. So many fun options.

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  1. I mean this in the nicest way…. that arm is the longest scary arm I have ever seen!!!

  2. Since she was so cute about wanting a daddy spider, maybe she should give her card to daddy❤️🎃🕷

  3. Ok, I hate spiders, and routinely make my 6 year old kill them, but those are adorable!

  4. In Florida here:) watching your videos is calming me while I wait for the giant storm to hit us

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